About Blue Blaze Coffee Co

Close up of blue trail blazes on a tree.


We are an outdoor adventure coffee brand offering single-serve steeped coffee packs. 

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Why Blue Blaze? 

Blue-Blazed Trails are the hiking trails that often lead to beautiful vistas or points of interest in the outdoors. We believe in spending time outdoors for health and wellbeing, and for the pure enjoyment of nature. We believe in taking the path less traveled and if you follow the blue-blazed trail, you are bound to find relaxation and enjoyment. Blue-blazed trails are also the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee! Adventure, and coffee, are at the core of our business. 


Switchback Blend Coffee Pack on a log next to a silver coffee mug overlooking a view at a lake.


Why Steeped Coffee?

As coffee lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted to create a product that combined both of these things. The idea for Blue Blaze Coffee Co was born from a frustration with the existing coffee options for outdoor consumption. Tired of lugging around a heavy container of pre-made coffee, and unhappy with the flavors of instant coffees on the market, we wanted something that was simply more convenient and tasty. Steeped coffee provides the convenience, portability, and genuine great flavor that are lacking from other options. 

A silver coffee mug held up towards the sunrise by a hand, with a steeped coffee bag inside the cup.



We believe in being stewards of the outdoors and wild places. There is so much natural beauty to explore in the world, and our hope is that it will still be there for generations to come. But the truth is - we all have to work together to ensure this outcome, and that includes taking responsibility for necessary changes. 

Traditionally, single-serve options are wasteful and harmful to the environment. In recent years, great strides have been made to create product packaging that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. At Blue Blaze Coffee Co, we've selected packaging that is completely compostable, so that when you responsibly dispose of your packaging, you can do so guilt free. 

Compostable packing is a great start, but it's only a start. There is so much more to be done. Blue Blaze Coffee Co will continuously work to improve our practices and offerings to do our part in ensuring the sustainability of our planet. 


Meet The Team

Hiker standing next to a lake

Karina Benninger

Executive Director, Hiker, & Coffee Drinker

Hello! You might know me as Karina from @kb.hikes on social media. A little bit about me - I love hiking and adventuring. You can most likely find me in the wilderness of New York State, exploring all the amazing places I can find. 

I love coffee (obviously), and hard cider. When I'm not out in the woods, you can likely find me hanging out with my daughter, husband, dog Ellie, and cat Snowy. 

Thanks for stopping by!